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Berlin with children

Berlin offers a multitude of sights and attractions. The best sights of Berlin can be found here. If you want to visit Berlin with your children, you may need a little distraction. Because even if there are many great sights such as the Berlin TV Tower, the Reichstag Berlin or the Berlin Wall to be discovered, it could get a little boring for children. But Berlin also has a lot to offer for the little ones. We have put together the best Berlin attractions for children for you.

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The best attractions for children in Berlin

Berlin has a lot to offer for both adults and children. The interests then sometimes diverge a little. Then it’s good to have a good mix of the best sights and a few kid-friendly attractions. We have put together some of the best Berlin attractions for children for you.

Tierpark in Berlin

With almost 8,000 animals on 160 hectares and around 1.5 million visitors annually, Tierpark in Berlin is the largest adventure zoo in Europe. It delights big and small and is a magnet for families. Visit one of the greatest sights in Berlin with your children in the Berlin district of Friedrichsfelde, in the eastern part of the city. There is a zoo school and a youth club for children and a wide range of holiday programs for children.

Zoo Berlin

In addition to the Tierpark in Berlin, Berlin has another zoo to offer. The Berlin Zoological Garden in the western part of the city is the most species-rich zoo in the world. You and your children will find over 19,000 animals from around 1200 species on an area of ​​33 hectares. These include many exotic species, including species threatened with extinction. A great experience for the whole family.

Madame Tussauds Berlin

It is also a special highlight for children to be very close to international stars and sports legends, but also to political greats and historical personalities. You can do that with your children in the famous Berlin wax museum Madame Tussauds Berlin, one of the best Berlin sights. You will find the wax museum on Unter den Linden.

Museum of Natural Science

One of the largest natural history museums in Germany is the Museum of Natural Science in Berlin. The holdings comprise more than 30 million objects. There is a lot to discover here for you and your children. Among other things, the world’s largest dinosaur skeleton from a Brachiosaurus brancai can be seen here. But for many, the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is also a real highlight. Time flies by on the approximately 6,600 square meters of exhibition space.

Tip: Save with the Berlin Welcome Card and have free travel by bus and train. In addition, three children up to the age of 14 travel for free. And much more: you get numerous discounts at 200 partners in Berlin.

German Museum of Technology

You and your children can explore the world of technology on 26,500 m² of exhibition space on the site of the former depot and freight yard of the Anhalter Bahnhof. The museum offers various themed areas – from aerospace, shipping, rail transport to computing and automation technology, communications technology and energy technology – you will find all kinds of technology. Visitors of all ages are invited to experiment in the Science Center Spectrum exhibition. Touching is expressly encouraged there. Exciting for young and old.

Illuseum Berlin

The Illuseum Berlin is a slightly different museum. If you and your children love illusions, you should visit the Illuseum Berlin. Become part of an exhibition in which touching is expressly allowed. See for yourself why the museum’s motto is: “You are the museum and the illusion”. For children there are especially many clever play areas to discover, which are equipped with sustainable wooden toys, many impressive 3D puzzles and riddles. That makes theirs Not only making children fun, but also training your logical skills.

German Spy Museum

The German Spy Museum in Berlin is included in the discount with the Berlin Welcome Card. You can find it in the Berlin district of Mitte. Berlin was considered the capital of spies, especially during the Cold War. The exchange of agents at the Glienicke Bridge or monitoring systems on the Teufelsberg are a reminder of this. In an interactive exhibition, you and your children can put yourself in the shoes of the era and learn a lot about news gathering and transmission as well as cutting-edge and possible future espionage methods.

Lego Land Berlin

Discover the world of LEGO with your children. The LEGOLAND Discovery Center Berlin has, among other things, a great 4-D cinema and entertaining and exciting rides. In addition, your children can explore the ultimate indoor playground with over 5 million Lego bricks or discover many of Berlin’s famous sights that were built from Lego.

AquaDom & Sealife Berlin

At Sealife Berlin you and your children can experience the fascinating underwater world. Get up close and personal with rays, sharks, seahorses and other fascinating sea creatures. In over 37 pools, which are home to more than 5,000 sea creatures, you get an insight into a magical underwater world. In addition, children can learn a lot of interesting facts from their guides and watch daily feedings.

DDR Museum and THE WALL – the asisi panorama of the divided Berlin

Hardly imaginable for children today. Germany and Berlin were divided and separated by a wall. That is why it is part of a good visit to Berlin to deal with the past. And that can be exciting for the whole family. Experience history you can touch in the GDR Museum. Browse through cupboards and drawers and drive the Trabi. Dance lipsi and play soccer. Or experience a Berlin that no longer exists today. The artist Yadegar Asisi presents everyday life in the 1980s in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Samurai Museum Berlin

Europe’s first museum for samurai art is in Berlin. Immerse yourself in the world of the samurai and in the secrets of legendary Japanese warriors in the Samurai Museum Berlin. Marvel at artifacts and objets d’art of the Japanese warrior class at the private museum. There is a lot to discover: Fascinating armour, elaborate swords, mysterious masks. The museum takes you on an interactive and innovative journey.

Excursions to the Berlin area

Although Berlin is a big city and metropolis, it also has many parks and green spaces that invite you to linger. If that’s not enough for you, you should definitely visit the surrounding area of ​​Berlin. In addition to Potsdam with the Sanssouci Park and the Sanssouci Palace, there are many other beautiful corners and sights.

Further highlights are the Jungfernheide forest high ropes course and the Gardens of the World.